Upcoming Events
May 31 "Holy Smoke! Investing in the Emerging Cannabis Industry"  with David Feldman, Partner in Duane Morris LLP 
Past Events  
Apr 25  "New U.S. Tax Law and How It Affects Your Business" 
Apr 11 “Hong Kong FinTech Briefing” with Mr. Nelson Chow, Chief Fintech Officer, Hong Kong Monetary Authority (by invite only) 
Mar 15 "Hong Kong: Crossroads for China's Belt and Road Initiative" 

with Benjamin Wong, Head, Transport and Industrial Sectors, InvestHK (by invite only)

Mar 13 "Women's Empowerment: The Experience of Hong Kong" with 
Chi-kwong Law, Secretary for Labour and Welfare, SAR (by invite only)
Mar 9 "2018 Outlook on Hong Kong and the U.S." with Joanne Chu, Director
Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, and Kevin Logan, Chief Economist, HSBC Securities
Feb 9 Fashion Hong Kong Designer's Reception at NY Fashion Week 
(by invite only)
Feb 9 Fashion Hong Kong Runway Show at NY Fashion Week 
(by invite only)
Dec 11  Annual General Meeting & Holiday Party
Nov 16 Getting a Green Card With EB5 Visa--How Does It Happen?
Nov 9 Recruiting Trends and Tips 
Oct 31 Fintech Briefing with Shu-pui Li, Executive Director, Hong Kong Monetary Authority (by invite only)
Oct 19 2017 Gala 
Oct 17 Roundtable discussion with Charles Ng, Associate Director-General InvestHK (by invite only)
Oct 17 Hong Kong's Economic Evolution in the Past 20 Years
Oct 3 Understanding China Today
Sept 21 Finance Affinity Group: "To Franchise or Not to Franchise, That is the Question"
Sept 12 Women In Business "Managing an International Non-Governmental Organization"
Aug 22 Cocktails & Contacts  (members only, by invite)
Aug 12 & 13 Dragon Boat Festival
Aug 2 Luncheon with Mr. John Slosar (by invite only)
July 26 Finance Affinity Group: "Life's Unanswered Question? How Are You Doing Financially?"
July 25 International Trade Discussion
July 6 Dragon Boat Team Meeting
June 8 Entrepreneur Panel Discussion
May 24 Women In Business: "STEM Education and Career Opportunities - Can the Gender Bias Be Eliminated?"
May 17 Dragon Boat Info Session 
May 9 Finance Affinity Group: "Big Money and Big Challenges Facing Hedge Funds and Private Equity"
May 2 Richard Bush Book Discussion
April 24 - 28 Smart Tech Business Development Mission
April 6 Startup Institute Winter Talent Expo
April 6 The Innovation Ecosystem in Hong Kong
April 4 Award-winning author Ken Liu, reading and discussion 
March 29 Women In Business: "Breaking the Glass Ceiling - Is It Worth It?"
March 15 Finance Affinity Group: "You Can Be a Mini Real Estate Tycoon Too!"
March 15 Luncheon with Stella Lau, Chair of Women's Commission Hong Kong (by invite only)
March 2 "Sustainability & New Investment Paradigm in China" 
March 1 “2017 Outlook on Hong Kong and the U.S” with Steve Barclay and Kevin Logan
Feb 28 "The New World Disorder - Trump in the China Shop" with Nicholas Kwan
Feb 23 Young Professional Mixer
Feb 16 Fashion Hong Kong Designer's Reception at NY Fashion Week
(by invite only)
Feb 15 Fashion Hong Kong Runway Show at NY Fashion Week
(by invite only)
Feb 2 Luncheon with Clement Leung, Hong Kong Commissioner
(by invite only)
Jan 9 Fordham MBA International Trade (by invite only)
December 15 Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (by invite only)
December 14 U.S.-China Relations in the Trump-Xi Era
December 12 Annual General Meeting & Holiday Party
November 28 -December 2 Hong Kong Forum, Annual Meeting in Hong Kong
Federation Meeting, BIP Asia Forum, World SME Expo, IDT Expo, and the International Franchising Show
November 21 MCC Young Professionals Going Global Event
November 8 2016 Presidential Election Watch Party
October 12 China-India Insight Dialogue 
October 12 Hong Kong FinTech Breakfast Briefing with The Honorable John Tsang Chun-wah (by invite only)
October 11 Hong Kong Monetary Authority Briefing with Vincent Lee (by invite only)
October 5 Hong Kong Forum Info Session
October 4 Third Annual Golf Outing, Tuxedo Club
Sept 22 Culinary Tasting of Chinese Street Crepes
August 10 Cocktails & Contacts (open house)
August 6 & 7 Dragon Boat Festival
July 28 Be Like Water: Wisdom in Martial Arts
July 21 "The State of US-China Economic Relations" with Rory MacFarquhar, Cobb Mixter and JC de Swaan
July 19 - 30 Asian American International Film Festival
July 13 Exhibition from Changzhou
June 30 Dragon Boat Info Session
June 23 China-U.S.-Israel: The New Tech Triangle 
June 10 Breakfast with Ronnie Chan & The Better Hong Kong Foundation Delegation (by invite only)
June 9 Gala Dinner
June 9 CSR Leadership Course
May 26 Fintech O-2-O: Digital Disruption in Asset Management 
May 24 MCC Young Professional Outing
May 24 Comics Through the Lens of Hong Kong and the US
May 12 East Meets West Coffee Chat (by invite only)
May 10 New Patterns in China's U.S. Investment: A New York State of Mind?
May 5 International B2B Forum
May 5 The Digital Transformation Playbook
Apr 6 Customs Duty Savings for U.S. Importers using the First Sale Rule” with Beth Ring and Anthony Mak
Mar 16   Business Confident Index - How Can It Be Constructed and How Can It Be Used?” Li Wei,Huining (Henry) Cao, Henry Tang and Michael McDonough
Mar 15 - 20 Hong Kong Ballet
Mar 10 “Hong Kong: A Changing Economic and Business Landscape,” discussion with Steve Barclay, Ivy Lindstrom and Jason Li
Mar 1 Women Ascending, From Base Camp to Summit: Tools for the Climb
Feb 23   “2016 Outlook on Hong Kong and the U.S” with Steve Barclay and Kevin Logan
Feb 22  “Investment Strategy for China’s Volatile Markets” with Ling M. Liu
Feb 12 Fashion Hong Kong (New York Fashion Show) featuring Harrison Wong, Hidy N.G. and Loom Loop
Feb 12 Young Professional Committee, host kick off at Fashion Week
Feb 10     Breakfast with Clement Leung, Hong Kong Commissioner (by invite only)
Feb 3 Breakfast discussion with Steve Vickers Asia Risk Assessment:  
Current Developments on China, Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan”
Jan 15 Hong Kong Science and Technology Park breakfast discussion, with Andrew Young and Vanessa Huang