• Fei Fei (Katrina) Yeung

[Recap] NYAFF: HK Panorama - The Empty Hands

Watch out, the Empty Hands are making a hit in New York! NYAFF has long been an annual carnival for both movie lovers and HK affiliates. This year, we are proud to have our first HK artist to win the Screen International Rising Star Award, Ms Stephy Tang!

The leading star at The Empty Hands met her HK fellows in New York last Friday at the NY Premiere of the movie. This was an ideal occasion to meet old friends as well as make new friends, and even connect dots! I was surprised to see one of my work partners from Hong Kong Science Park there. The more surprising part was that I'm having the dragon boat practice with her sister now! We didn't know that we all actually know each other. This is the interesting part of network - you never know.

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A few snap shots from the event last Friday:



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