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[Recap] HK Outlook 2019: Economic Prosperity and More

Even though it's one of the coldest days so far in 2019, our audiences were eager to keep themselves abreast of the latest economic dynamics and meet people from all walks of life.

Joanne from HKETO in NY shared the updates from Hong Kong such as the Greater Bay Area and the initiatives to promote innovation and technology in the region. Ryan from HSBC gave a thorough analysis on the economic outlook with support of various data. The audiences took the opportunities to raise questions as well as comments on the topic from their own professions' perspective. We were glad that this event managed to serve as an open platform for people to talk and exchange ideas.

So this wrapped up our annual update on the economic outlook for HK and US. We look forward to the next year's!

P.S. A special thank to team HSBC for their enormous support on the venue and the marketing effort. Kudos to Diane, Anne, Ahba, Mahsa, Megan and Sophia!

And happy International Women's Day!

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