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From ANY to MANY!

We are so thrilled: HKANY is becoming HKMANY!

After several round of discussions and debates among the board, we finally came to a solution that satisfies everyone on the Board. In this dynamic era, what can calm people's heart better than the smell of freshly-baked buns and wok-stir noodles in soy sauce?

The "M" in our new identity stands for Mei-sik, meaning delicious food in Cantonese, the mother tongue of most of Hong Kong people. Hong Kong has been known for its variety of delicious food and Michelin-starred restaurants year after year.

There is two Chinese sayings related to eating/ food:

1. People's first priority is to eat/ have good food.

2. Working hard is all for having a nice meal.

Other than promoting the business uniqueness of Hong Kong, we believe that the contentment in the stomach is more resilient.

Please share our joy of getting this new meaningful name!

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