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Talent List Hong Kong

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Talent list Hong Kong opens a fast-track application channels for talents specialising in 11 particular professions that Hong Kong needs most.

Under this scheme, overseas talents do not have to secure a job offer before coming to Hong Kong. They are eligible for the immigration facilitation under the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS), which has an annual quota of 1,000.

The 11 specialisations are:

  1. Waste Treatment Specialists

  2. Asset Management Professionals

  3. Marine Insurance Professionals

  4. Actuaries

  5. Fintech Professionals

  6. Data Scientists & Cyber Security Specialists

  7. Innovation and Technology Experts

  8. Naval Architects

  9. Marine Engineers & Superintendents of Ships

  10. Creative Industries Professionals

  11. Dispute Resolution Professionals & Transactional Lawyers

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